Disposable Bamboo Lip Wands - Lip Gloss Applicators & Lipstick Applicators

Pack of 10 & 50 available

Rs. 350.00

The onset of Covid – 19 has paved way for more hygienic alternatives prompting the need for single use disposable products. Eco-conscious Bamboo disposable wands are the new norm and what better way to incorporate an earth conscious compostable product into your daily regime with your everyday make-up tools!

This amazing 100% Bamboo Disposable Lip Gloss Wand / Lipstick Applicator is great for Personal and Professional use.


  • 100% ECO-FRIENDLY BAMBOO: Bamboo is a naturally biodegradable, compostable and renewable alternative to plastic. The Bamboo we use is sustainably sourced. As it grows, bamboo helps reduce soil erosion, absorbs 5x more carbon dioxide, and requires less water than similar plants.
  • SMOOTH APPLICATION: This lightweight Bamboo Lip Gloss Wand features lint-free soft flocking feather bristles that provide an easy glide and smooth coverage for lip gloss and lipstick, easy to use and convenient to carry .
  • HYGIENIC ALTERNATIVE: Offers a sanitary single-use option for make-up artists, beauty enthusiasts and makeup counters. 


  • High Definition Lip gloss and lipstick application
  • Can be used to apply concealer /eyeshadow
  • Can be used to place glitter on eyelids
  • Can be used to correct makeup errors using makeup remover
  • Can be used to depot cream based products
  • Mixing colours in jars.


  • Colour of Handle : Natural Bamboo 
  • Colour of Lip wand head : White
  • Material of handle : 100% Bamboo 
  • Material of lip wand head : Flocked Tip 
  • Item Form: Lip Wand
  • Available in 10 & 50 piece packaging