Order FAQs

When can I expect delivery of my order ? 

Orders will be processed within 24 hours and you will receive an email confirmation of the same. Kindly allow 3 business days for delivery within Maharashtra and 7 days for delivery pan-india 

Is it possible to track my order ? 

A confirmation email will contain the tracking details, for any further information please email us at

Is there a possibility of changing my order ? 

Orders once shipped cannot be changed. Please reach out to us at for any queries 

If I inadvertently ordered the wrong product will I get a refund? 

Orders once shipped cannot be changed. Please reach out to us at for any queries. Please read the refund policy here.

If the product is damaged will the amount be refunded ? 

Please read the exchange and refund policy here.

Product FAQs

Can the cosmetic disinfectant be used as a hand sanitizer ? 

Although it will not harm the skin, it cannot be used as a substitute for hand sanitizer . 

What products can i use the 200 ml cosmetic sanitizer on ? 

All Powder based products such as eyeshadows,  compact powders, makeup brushes. Also can be sprayed over makeup set-ups & hairstyling tools. A quick spritz onto your everyday make-up kit and you are sure to have a bacteria- free zone.

What products can I use the anti-bacterial wipes on ? 

Cream based makeup products , mascara wands , lipsticks , lip gloss wands, synthetic makeup brushes and hair styling tools . 

Can i use the brush and sponge cleansing balm for both synthetic and real hair brushes ?

Yes, but ensure you dampen the bristles before you swirl it in the container.

Will the brush and sponge cleansing balm cause any damage to my skin ?

No, as it contains all 100% natural products and essential oils.