Disposable Bamboo Mascara Wands

Pack of 10 & 50 available

Rs. 350.00 Rs. 350.00

The onset of Covid – 19 has paved way for more hygienic alternatives prompting the need for single use disposable products. Eco-conscious disposable wands are the new norm and what better way to incorporate an earth conscious Compostable product into your daily regime with your everyday make-up tools!

This amazing 100% Bamboo Disposable Mascara Wand / Spoolie Applicator is great for Personal and Professional use.

It’s high bristle density is ideal for creating volume and Uber glamorous lashes, whether false or natural.


100% ECO-FRIENDLY BAMBOO: Bamboo is a naturally biodegradable, compostable and renewable alternative to plastic. The Bamboo we use is sustainably sourced. As it grows, bamboo helps reduce soil erosion, absorbs 5x more carbon dioxide, and requires less water than similar plants.

MULTI-USE MASCARA APPLICATOR: Perfect for curling and lifting lashes. They can also be used to separate lashes before and after mascara application as well as for eyebrow grooming. The black nylon brush head is bendable; you can adjust the angle according to your requirement.

SMOOTH APPLICATION: This lightweight Bamboo Curved Mascara Wand features a high bristle density perfect for creating a dramatic look in a no-fuss application, easy to use and convenient to carry.

CONVENIENT CURVED TIP: Add bold curls and contours easily around eyelids with this Mascara wand's curved tip that is designed to move with the natural shape of your eyes 

HYGIENIC ALTERNATIVE: Offers a sanitary single-use option for make-up & hair artists, beauty enthusiasts and makeup counters. 



High Definition Mascara application
Removal of excess clumpy mascara and creating separate lashes for a better effect
Brow wax/ Gel application
Eyelash perming & lash tinting
Taming fly aways. 
Scraping pressed powder products onto a palette
Removing glitter fallout from the face.
Cleans debris from pencil sharpeners
Cleans debris from product lids
Prevents cross contamination and possible eye infections.


Colour of Handle : Natural Bamboo 
Colour of mascara head : Black 
Material of handle : 100% Bamboo 
Material of mascara head : Nylon 
Item Form: Mascara Wand


Manufacturer - Code Beauty 
Health : Sterilised 
Mascara Wand Length - 4 inches
Mascara Head Length - 1 inch
Diameter - 8 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
M. r.

The bamboo stick is delicate but it’s a better option than plastic. Completely worth it.

Jhanvi Shah

You need this especially if you're a professional. I had been using a similar product from an international brand but this does the same job at half the cost.


Sustainable product and packaging. And yet so affordable. Quality is good as well. Must buy.


You get 50 in a pack. Very reasonable. I use it to set fake lashes.

Ashna Mehra

I use this to apply oil to my brows and lashes. It’s soft and gentle.