Anti-bacterial Cosmetic Disinfectant - 200 ML


Rs. 799.00

CODE Beauty Antibacterial Cosmetic Disinfectant is 100% effective when sprayed on make-up products such as eyeshadows / powder blushes & bronzers /pressed powders /make-up brushes as well as on hair styling tools by instantly killing harmful surface bacteria.  

DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Dispense the mist only once from a distance of 6 inches / 15cms away from product surface allowing it to dry for 2 mins before use. 


  • In case of the product coming in contact with the eyes, rinse eyes thoroughly with water & consult a doctor if irritation persists. 
  • If consumed inadvertently, contact a doctor immediately.
  • This is not a Hand Sanitiser, however in case of direct skin contact it is not harmful.


  • Do not place near heat or flame 
  • Store below 40 degrees Celsius