Wabi Sabi 侘寂 Makeup Brush Set

Rs. 14,999.00

The new Wabi Sabi series of makeup brushes by CODE Beauty is a first of its kind, dual-ended, multi-functional set of five brushes, meticulously handcrafted in Japan, created by makeup artist Bianca Louzado. It honours Japanese aesthetics and a zen-like outlook that also celebrates the traditional art of Kintsugi, symbolising ‘beauty in imperfection’. Over the course of her extensive career, Bianca has used and experimented with tools of every kind, and has brought her love and passion for quality brushes to life with this set, making them accessible to everyone.

No matter how much or little makeup you choose to wear, the time you spend applying every product carefully, tapping and blending away, are sacred everyday moments you enjoy with yourself. Bianca hopes to make that process even more beautiful, like a sacred beauty ritual, by helping you bring her signature technique of perfecting a luminous skin finish to life.

What’s in the set:

●  A concealer and lip brush

●  An eyeshadow and smudger brush

●  A brow definer and spoolie

●  A foundation and master blender brush

●  A blusher and highlighter brush

●  A granite brush holder (fudeoki)

Key features:

●  Hard maple handles with a walnut finish

●  Matte black ferrule

●  Superior quality fibre made to mimic natural goat hair

●  100% biodegradable box made with recycled materials

●  Box printed with toxin-free ink and biodegradable gold foil

●  Travel-friendly, compact packaging

Meet the only makeup brush set you will ever need.

B01 Concealer: With gentle tapping motions use this thick, fluffy brush to pat in and blend your concealer.

B01 Lip Brush: This tapered brush makes applying lipstick or point concealing a breeze.

B02 Eyeshadow: This brush can be used to apply and seamlessly blend cream, liquid and powder eyeshadow for a flawless finish.

B02 Smudger: Use sweeping motions to blend and diffuse eyeshadow or eyeliner along the lash line.

B03 Brow definer: The angled, dense bristles help you make hair-like strokes to achieve a natural brow, as well as double up as the perfect tool to flick out a winged eyeliner.

B03 Spoolie: Brush your brows upwards and outwards with a spoolie to set them in shape. Plus, use it to separate your lashes after you have applied mascara.

B04 Foundation: This densely-packed brush with extra soft bristles ensures that you pick up little product to make a big impact. Use a buffing motion to create an air-brushed finish.

B04 Master blender: This hero brush blends cream based contours, blushes and foundations to give your skin a sublime, photo-ready finish.

B05 Blusher: This brush head allows precise and controlled application of blush for a glowy, rosy-cheeked finish.

B05 Highlighter: The dome shape lets you glide your highlighter softly to illuminate the high points of your face.

Brush care

Moisten the brush head and gently swirl it over the CODE Beauty Brush & Sponge Cleanser. Massage the bristles, rinse thoroughly with water and lay them out on the granite brush holder to dry naturally.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kinjal P.

Good. Quality is very nice.


I must say I’ve become a Code beauty loyal after this purchase. I first bought the Cleansing balms and Sanitising wipes during covid. Now I’ve purchased every single product and I’m impressed with their dedication to quality. The brushes are worth every penny. Luxury, quality, convenience and looks, they tick every box.

Wow! Amazing brush kit

Wow! Amazing brush kit. The quality is just superb… the concealer brush, eyeshadow smudger, blush applicator, foundation brush… each and every one is excellent. The bristles are top notch, not a hair out of place, feels great in the hand, looks beautiful and environmentally friendly. Just go for it.

Nitya Johar
Best brush

Adore them! They’re as attractive as they are efficient. I’ve tried pretty much every international brand and these are at par or even better.

Pragya Bhatt

These brushes feel luxurious, sturdy and yet soft. No other brush is required so this kit is sort of all in one and saves space in my vanity. You’ll have to buy it to experience it.